Nissan GT-R ’18 II Gr.3 Setup – Lago Maggiore GP

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8 reviews for Nissan GT-R ’18 II Gr.3 Setup – Lago Maggiore GP

  1. Allan

    Great cornering. Best setup i tried on Lago M.
    Controller, tc2, tc1 was too uncontrollable

  2. Rob

    Thanks for this

  3. Rui pintas

    Great work. Toke 1/2 second on second atempt… The turns great. Thank you

  4. Tony Stephens (Mr_Hangglider)

    I have no other settings to judge it by as i Literally only tried my first race B this week last night and it’s a good setup for me. I tried all same settings except 8 and 9 for anti roll bar and preferred that. I Guess settings can all be about personal taste but this is a good setup. Thank you. Not sure what brake bias is best but I kept experimenting between plus 1 to plus 3.

  5. Tony Stephens (Mr_Hangglider)

    Having tried it more extensively I can confirm it’s brilliant. I’m a low to mid A rated DR and I actually won on Lago Maggiore with same settings except adding a click on both front and rear Anti roll bars. Believe me I’ve never won at Lago in an A DR lobby before. Also currently top 300 on my Tonethelone account in the time trial. I’m lucky to make top 2000 at this track. Big thanks.

  6. Mark Howlett

    Instantly more stable and just quicker. This site will be my go to for set ups. Thanks to all sinvolved.

  7. vr46 racingteam

    some people talk about TCS from day 1 he is on 0 never changed and about this setup I think you can not use RM on Daily B

  8. Michel Grauwmans

    This helps me a lot. Thanks

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